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los 60 mejores phrasal verbs para b2

Los phrasal verbs más importantes para B2

Los phrasal verbs son estructuras verbales compuestas por dos partículas: verbo + adjetivo, adverbio o preposición que sirven para definir acciones o estados específicos.

Son tantos y tan parecidos, que es normal confundirlos o no acordarse de algunos, ¡pero no te preocupes! Aquí tienes la lista de los 60 phrasal verbs más importantes para B2 que debes manejar. Todo es ponerse y practicar.

Puedes retarte a ti misma, intentando descifrar su significado cuando es un nuevo phrasal verbs, o si por el contrario, se trata de uno que ya conocías, puedes aprovechar para recordarlo y memorizarlo con ejemplos para asentarlo.

Si más allá de aprender los phrasal verbs quieres conseguir un título oficial, te recomendamos nuestro curso de B2 inglés online con el que conseguir el nivel y obtener tu título Cambridge o Aptis. 

Para que los puedas estudiar fácilmente, los entiendas a la perfección y puedas aprendértelos, ponemos a tu disposición

El listado de los 60 phrasal verbs imprescindibles para el B2

Phrasal verb  Meaning   Example  
Ask someone out   Invite on a date   James asked Sarah out to dinner  
Back someone up   Support   My husband backed me up over my decision to change job.  
Break down   Get upset   The man broke down when he was told his son had had a car accident.  
Break up   End a relationship   I broke up with my girlfriend before I moved abroad.  
Break out   Escape   The criminal broke out of jail when the guard wasn’t looking.  
Bring someone down   Make unhappy   This music is breaking me down.  
Bring something up   Start talking about a topic   My father walks out the room when my mum brings up fashion.  
Call something off   Cancel   They called the match  off because of the weather  
Catch up   Get to the same point as someone else.   You have to run faster if you want to catch up with the rest.  
Check someone out   Investigage   The company checks out all new employees.  
Clean something up   Tidy, clean   Clean up your bedroom before you go out 
Come across something   Find unexpectedly   I came across these photos when I was tidying up.  
Count on somebody   Rely on   I count on you to look after the baby while I’m out. 
Cut back on something   Consume less   My doctor wants me to cut back on fast food.  
Cut something off   Stop providing   The phone company cut off our phone because we didn’t pay the bill.  
Drop in / by / over   Come without an appointment   I might drop over for tea sometimes this week 
Drop someone off   Take someone or something somewhere and leave them / it there  I have to drop my brother off at work before I come here.  
End up   Eventually reach /do / decide   We emded up renting a flat instead of going to a hotel.  
Fall apart   Break into pieces  My new skirt fell apart in the washing machine.  
Figure out   Understand, find the answer  I need to figure out how to fit the piano and the table in this room.  
Fill something in   To fill infomation in blanks  Please fill in the form with your information 
Get away   Go on vacation   I worked so hard this October I need to get away for a week at Christmas.  
Get back at someone   Take revenge   My sister got back at me for stealing her bag. She borrowed a dress without permission 
Get  together   Meet for social reasons  Let’s get together for a drink.  
Give something away   Give something to someone for free  The library was given away old books on Monday.  
Give something up   Quit a habit   I’m giving up smoking this year.  
Go against   Compete, oppose   We are going against the best basketball team this weekend.  
Go over   Review   Please go over your answers before you submit your test  
Grow apart   Stop being friends over time   My best friend and I grew apart after primary school  
Hand something in   Submit   I will hand in my essay by Wednesday  
Hand something out   Distribute to a group of people  I will hand out my birthday invitations at the door 
Hang on   Wait for a minute   Hang on while I grab my coat 
Hold something back   Hide emotions   Claire held back her tears at her grandma’s funeral.  
Keep something from someone  Not tell   We kept our relationship from our parents for 1 year.  
Let someone down   Fail to suport or help   You need to be on time. Don’t let me down! 
Look down on somebody   Consider inferior  His classmates looked down on him because he hit a classmate.  
Look into  Investigate   We are looking into the price of a smartphone today 
Look out   Be careful , take notice  Look out! That car is going to hit you 
Look something over   Check, examine  Can you look over my article for spelling mistakes? 
Look up to someone   Admire , have a lot of respect   I have always look up to my grandfather.  
Make something up   Lie about something, invent  Nick made up a story for his delay.  
Mix something up   Confuse two or more things  I mix up the students’ names in class.  
Pass away   Die   My grandpa passed away last summer.  
Pass out   Faint   An old lady passed out during the meeting.  
Pick something out   To choose   I picked out two pairs of trousers to try on.  
Put something off   Postpone   We are putting off our trip cause of the weather.  
Put something out   Extinguish   The neighbours put the fire out before it was too late.  
Run into someone  Meet unexpectedly   I ran into an old friend from school  
Run out of something   Have no left   I ran out of milk and had to go to the shop last night.  
Show off   Act extra special for people watching ( usuall boastfully)   He always shows off on his motorbike.  
Take someone out   Pay for someone to go somewhere with you   My best friend took me out for dinner.  
Tear something up   Rip into pieces   I tore up my friend’s letter after our argument.  
Think something over   Consider   I have to think it over before my final decision.  
Throw something away   Dispose of   I threw old clothes away to buy new ones.  
Turn something down   Refuse   I turned his offer down because I didn’t want to change job.  
Turn up   Appear sudeenly   Our dog turned up after a few days he had been lost.  
Try something out   Test   I’m going to try out this new brand of shampoo.  
Use something up   Finish the supply   We used all the toothpaste up so we need to buy.  
Work out   Exercise   I work out at the gym twice a week 
Work something out   Make a calculation   Can you work out the total cost of the holidays? 


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