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Lista completa de phrasal verbs para B1

Los phrasal verbs más importantes para B1

¿Has oído hablar de los famosos Phrasal Verbs“Los phrasal verbs son estructuras verbales compuestas por dos partículas: verbo + adjetivo, adverbio o preposición que sirven para definir acciones o estados específicos.” British Council.

Son tantos y tan parecidos, que es normal confundirlos o no acordarse de algunos, ¡pero no te preocupes! Aquí tienes la lista completa de phrasal verbs para B1 que debes manejar. Todo es ponerse y practicar.

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Para que los puedas estudiar fácilmente y los entiendas a la perfección, ponemos a tu disposición el listado de los 57 phrasal verbs imprescindibles para el B1 de inglés

Aquí tienes el listado de Phrasal Verbs de B1 que debes saber para tu exámen

Break downStop working
Ex: My car broke down yesterday.
Break upEnd a relationship
Finish for the end of the course
Ex: I broke up with my boyfriend last week.
Break intoEnter by force
Ex: The thieves broke into my neighbour’s house
Check inRegister for a hotel room
Ex: You have to check in after 12.00pm.
Check outDepart the hotel
Ex: We needed to check out before 10.00am.
Fill inTo complete information such as your name and personal details
Ex: Could you fill in the missing information please?
Find outDiscover
Ex: I didn’t find out the right answer
Get rid ofThrow away
Ex: I don’t like gettind rid of old clothes
Give backReturn something to someone
Ex: I’ll give you your book back soon
Give upSurrender
Ex: Never give up. Keep trying!
Give something upStop doing something that you did regularly
Ex: Candy got bored with her Job and decided to give it up.
Go onContinue doing something
Ex: Please go on with your exercises
Go outLeave your house and go somewhere
Ex: I love going out at weekends
Grow upTo change from being a baby and become an adult
Ex: I grew up in a small village
Look afterTo take care of somebody or something
Ex: I love looking after my granddaughter
Look forTo search for something or someone
Ex: I’m looking for my glasses.
Look forward toTo feel excited about something
Ex: I’m looking forward to seeing my friends
Look intoTo try to discovert the facts about something
Ex: The police is looking into the crime scene
Look outUse for warning someone to be careful
Ex: Look out before crossing
Look upTo admire someone
Ex: I look up my grandfather, he is great
Plug inTo connect a piece of equipment to an electricity supply.
Ex: The printer will never work, if you don’t plug it in.
Put awayTo put something in the place where you usually keep it when you are not using it.
Ex: Children shoud put their toys away when they are not using them.
Put backTo put something in the place it was before it was moved
Ex: Can you put the book back when you finish with it?
Put offTo change the time or date of something so it happens later that it was planned.
Ex: They had to put off their wedding because the bride’s mum had an accident.
To put outTo make something stop burning.
Ex: It took the fireghter 3 hours to put the fire out.
To ring upTo phone someone.
Ex: I will the hotel and book a room.
To run out ofTo use all of something and not have any left.
Ex: I’m sorry I ran out of tea.
Would you like something else?
Set offTo start the day, to leave
Ex: We set off early to avoid traffic.

¡Ya has llegado a la mitad del listado de phrasal verbs! Queda un último empujón, ¡ánimo!

Set outTo start a journey
Ex: We set out early to arrive at the airport on time.
Set upTo start something such as a business, organizaton or institution.
Ex: The group plans to set up an important factory.
Take offTo remove a piece of clothing
To leave the ground for a plane
Ex: Please take off your shoes. They are dirty!
Take upTo start doing something such as a hobby,interest and job.
Ex: He took up jogging a week ago.
To try onTo put a piece of clothing in order to see how it looks and whether it fits.
Ex: What a lovely dress? Why don’t you try it on?
To turn downTo reduce the amount of sound, heat or light produced by an electric equipment by pressing a buttom or moving a switch.
Ex: Can you turn down the radio please?
I’m trying to concentrate
Turn onTo make an equipment start working by pressing a buttom or moving a switcher.
Ex: Please, turn on the tv, I want to watch the film.
Turn upTo increase the amount of sound produced by an equipment by pressing a buttom or moving a switch.
Ex: Can you turn the radio up a bit? I can’t hear the news.
Work outTo do physical exercise as a way of keeping fit.
Ex: He works out at the local gym every day
Bring upTo look after a child until he becomes an adult.
Ex: She brought up 3 sons on her own.
Carry outTo do a particular piece of work,research etc.
Ex: They carried out many experiments to prove their theory.
To carry onTo continue doing something.
Ex: He moved to London to carry on his work.
To get backTo return to a place after you have been somewhere else.
Ex: They had been on holidays and I think they got back yesterday.
To get offTo leave a bus, plane, train.
Ex: I always get off at the same bus stop.
To get on withTo have a good relation with someone.
Ex: She didn’t ge ton with her parents and moved out.
To hand inTo give something to a person in authority.
Ex: All essays must be handed in by Monday.
To hand outTo give something to different people in a group.
Ex: The teachers handed out the exams
To hang upTo stop using a telephone at the end of a conversation.
Ex: I lost the connection and hanged up the phone.
To pick upTo go to a place where someone is waiting and take them to the place they want to go.
Ex: Can you pick me up after the party?
Put onTo cover a part of your body with a piece of clothing or jewellery so that you are wearing it.
Ex: Dorothy put on her coat and went out.
Put ThroughConnect someone to the person they want to speak on the telephone.
Ex: Can you put me through to accounts department,please?
Turn offTo stop a piece of equipment working by pressing a button or by moving a switch.
Ex: You can turn off the tv, I’m not watching it.
Be overTo finish
Ex: The class is over children, you can go home.
Stay upNot to go to sleep
Ex: You could stay up all night without getting tired.
Get onTo get into a bus, train and plane
Ex: I get on at the first bus stop
Get on withTo have a good relationship
Ex: I get on very well with my friends
Get offTo get out of the bus, train and plane
Ex: I always get off at the last bus stop
Get intoTo get on a private vehicle: taxi, car, ambulance…
Ex: I got into the taxi quickly to arrive on time.
To get out ofTo get off a private vehicle; taxi, car, ambulance.
Ex: When I got out the taxi, I had already forgotten my umbrella.

¡Ya has acabado! Esperamos que no haya sido tan duro como esperabas y recuerda que, este tiempo invertido en el aprendizaje de los phrasal verbs, te ayudará mucho a que apruebes tu próximo examen de B1.

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