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los 70 mejores Phrasal verbs para C1

Los phrasal verbs más importantes para C1

Phrasal verbs consists of a verb plus a particle that may be a preposition or an adverb. In some cases, they may even contain more than two words.

They are important because englihs speakers use phrasal verbs all the time. Phrasal verbs are extremely common in conversations and that makes then essential to mastering the language so if we want to sound native, we need to learn them. They will help you to express yourself far better. That’s simply because sometimes using a phrasal verb is the only way to express an idea.

Some advantages of using phrasal verbs are:

  • You are understanding English converstation more easily
  • You will sound more natural when speaking in English
  • Your will learn how English is actually spoken.
  • Using them correctly shows a good knowledge and understanding
  • You sound less formal when you speak English.

La lista de 70 phrasal verbs para C1

Here is the best 70 phrasal verbs for C1 level. There we go!

Be about something  To explain , describe or give facts What is the story about? 
Be about to do something   To be ready to start to do something I thought my boyfriend was about to propose marriage but he broke-up with me instead. 
Be against someone or something  To disagree or not support someone  His parents were completely against the idea. 
Be up for  be eager  I might be up for going out later if you fancy it.  
Be into something  Enjoy / like He is into football.  
Be dying for  to want something very much I’m dying to hear your news. 
Be  over  To have finished  When will the rain be over? 
Be up ti  To be doing something wrong or bad What are the children up to at the momento? I can’t hear them.  
Block off  Obstract  I’ll knock his block off if he tries anything with me!  
Call on  To visit someone as a routine , ask someone  to do something  I had intended to callo n Jack. I’ll call on him tomorrow.  
Call after  Be named after somebody He is called after his gandfather. 
Clear away  To leave a plalce, remove or tidy They had a long talk and were able to clear away all their misunderstandings. 
Come across as someone To seem to be a particular kind of person   
Come down with something  To become ill with a particular infection  I have come down with a bad viral fever. 
Come through something  To survive a difficult event or period.  We were worried she wouldn’t be able to handle it, but she came through in the end. 
Come up against something  To have to deal with difficulty   If you come up against difficulties, let me know and I’ll help out 
Cut down on  To use much les of something  I’m trying to cut down on the amount of sugar I eat. 
Cut through  To be able to deal with a problem or bureaucracy  We need to cut through the political rhetoric and see what really lies behind the policy. 
Fall for someone  To feel strong romantic feelings I think Charlie has fallen for Jenny. He is always trying to find reasons to be with her. 
Fall out ( with ) ( over)  To have quarrel and end a relationship, go crazy  She’d fallen out with her boyfriend over his ex-girlfriend 
Freak out  Go crazy   I think our music freaks people out sometimes 
Get (something) across ( to)  To be successful explaining your idea, plan, etc We tried to get our point across, but he just wouldn’t listen. 
Get round to doing something  To do something you have planned or wanted to do I meant to do the ironing but I didn’t get round to it. 
Get away with something  To not be punished for doing something bad or wrong  If I thought I could get away with it, I wouldn’t pay my taxes at all. 
Get your own back on someone To take a revenge  I’ll get my own back on her one day  
Get someone into a trouble (with)   To do something that makes yourself deserve punishment.  Even an experienced climber can get into trouble. 
Go down  with something  To start suffering from an infectious disease  Half of Valeria’s class has gone down with flu.  
Go off something or someone  To stop liking or being interested in something or someone.  I went off beefburgers after I got food poisoning from a takeaway 
Go through with something  To do something unpleasant or difficult He was always threatening to quit his job, but I never thought he’d actually go through with it 
Hold back  Prevent from progressing or moving forward He didn’t hold back about how he felt about police harassment and fame. 
Hold off  Prevent someone from attacking or beating you  She decided to hold off on her vacation for a while longer 
Hold onto Keep longer than necessary  Hold on and don’t let go until I say so 
Hold up  Delay, especially when travelling  She got held up at work 
Hold out for something  To wait for something better The workers are holding out for higher pay. 
Jump on   Attack verbally, to criticise excessively  The teacher jumped on us for being late. 
Keep at  To continue with something difficult  The project was difficult, but we kept at it and eventually it was done. 
Keep away from  To deny Access to  You should keep away from fried foods 
Keep to oneself  To be introverted  One of my neighbors keeps to himself but everyone else on our street is really friendly. 
Kick off Be overcome with anger When she called him a drunk, it was the last straw. He just kicked off 
Knuckle down  concentrate on something If I were you , I’d knuckle down and get some studying done before the end of the day.  
Lay off  Fire and sack  In the case of a layoff, the loss of employment is usually through no fault of the employee 
Live down  Get used to something shameful   It will be difficult to live down this humiliation. 
Live through  Survive a difficult period or event She can’t live through her daughter. 
Let down  Disappoint someone  «You are coming to the party – you won’t let me down, will you? 
Look around  Inspect an area  I’m interested in buying that house. Can we wlook aroung  
Look ahead  Consider the future  We are trying to look ahead and see what our options are.  
Look down on  Regard someone with a feeling of superiority  The other children looked down on her because her parents were poor 
Make away with  Steal  he smashed a glass case and made away with a number of items of jewellery 
Pass away  Die  His mother passed away last year 
Pick up after Tidy a mess someone else has made  His mother still picks up after him 
Pick up  To begin to understand  She managed to pick up with the content. 
Put aside  Ignore or intentionally disregard  They decided to put aside their differences 
Put forward  Propose a consideration  I wasn’t convinced by any of the arguments that he put forward. 
Put up with  Tolerate  I’m not going to put up with their smoking any longer. 
Run someone down  Criticize someone  He last night denounced the British ‘genius for running ourselves down 
Send away  Dismiss from one’s presence   We send the children away to camp every summer 
Set off  Beging a journey or trip  What time will we have to set off for Grandma’s house tomorrow? 
Set up  Establish a business  He invested money in a business set up to help young musicians. 
Stand up for: Speak or act in support or defense «you need to have hard evidence that will stand up in court 
Spring up  Appear suddenly  She feels as if each time she solves one problem, two more spring up to take its place. 
Take off   Become more successful  Her singing career had just begun to take off. More examples. 
Take pity  Feel sorry  He took pity on the street dog  
Throw up  Vomit   I spent all night throwing up as he had eateaten too much the previous nitht  
Think ahead  Plan for a future situatio  I wish I had thought ahead and packed some food to bring with us. 
Think through  Consider all the possible possibilities  We have thought through the matter and have come to a decision. 
Walk away from  Abandon  She was strong and stubborn enough to walk away from him 
Work somebody out  Understand her behaviour  We have our disagreements, but we always work them out. 
Watch over  Regard and protect I’ll watch over your brother tonight 
Wear out  exhaust I wore out the dog when I went for a run. 
Wind up  Annoy  Instead of winding up your mother like that, perhaps you should help her. 

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